The Onrust was build as a sailing cargo ship for the rivers, in 1885. In the quest for dryer ships to accommodate the question for more different cargo such as grain, tapioca ect., the shipyards changed from building in wood to building in riveted iron. Built as such, the Onrust is one of the oldest clippers still sailing around. I mean, there are older iron ships, but they are of different type, called stevenaak. Still the very first iron ships date from as early as 1870. Further remarkable about the Onrust is that she has originally been build with two masts instead of one mast. For her length of 90 foot uncommon. Mr. J Baars from Rhenen ordered the ship to be built by the brothers G. & H. Bodewes in Martenshoek (Groningen NL)

Hoop Op Zegen

The ship was called “Wiegertje” and was registered till 1904 in Ruhrort, a small place where the Ruhr enters the Rhine, close to Duisburg (Germany). After that period she was renamed “Annigje”, had Rotterdam as homeport until 1937. From then on she was called “Hoop op Zegen”, with Leeuwarden as homeport, until her cargo days were over, in the end of the eighties.

Hoop op Zegen
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A long time she just lay around and was used only in summertime as a pleasurecraft untill she was put up for sale. Rene Oosterman from Harlingen bought her, rebuilt her as a charter and sailed her as “Tadorna” in 1993 from Harlingen. Already after one season he sold her to H. de Groot. He renamed her “Heer Leo”, after his father, and brought her finally to Enkhuizen.
In the end of 2001 she fitted perfectly in the plans of Peter Prins, who bought her and gave her her present name”Onrust” (Restless