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Peter Prins is now the proud owner of the Onrust. Already in his youth he was drawn to the water as a magnet. By the age of sixteen he was fully qualified to teach surfing and sailing. After secondary school he sailed as a maat on a tjalk, and having done the nautical college he sailed the seven seas as a shipsengineer. By the time it was time to “settle”, he started working for a firm (Nectar International bagging services with main office in London), bagging up mainly food aid. It brought him all over the world, from Libya to Mozambique.

Still the water kept drawing and back in the Netherlands he returned to charter sailing. He is married, has two children and lives (as you would expect) on a houseboat in Enkhuizen.

Since 1990 he is a full time skipper, of which 6 years owning the “Hoop Geleid Ons”(may the hope guide us), his previous ship. And he just started with the Onrust  in 2002.

I needed a new challenge, technically as well as sailing. Rules and regulations have entered this trade and the increasing pressure of government give a lot of limitations, but at the same time, give opportunities. What I like most of sailing is the soft light and the beautifull dutch skies, the  feeling of space. Together with a nice breeze to bring the Onrust to new experiences every day gives joy.

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