Prices 2009

Discount offer !!!

Interesting discount offers are given in for and aft season
The extra 5%reduction has not been calculated in the list below.

The Onrust is available for hire for as well individuals as for groups.

Sailing as individuals you participate in a fund for food. We provide a cook but he/she needs help with prepairing and doing dishes, as cooking for 24 people one cook gets shorthanded, two cooks being to expencive. Also resevationcosts are charged.

For groups the prices are based on selfsupport in means of cooking. Groups have more flexability than stated in the periods of hiring the ship, such as an extra day or extra sleepover.

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Week:  (Mo.12h-So.16h) or      (Sa.12h-Fr.16h)  4610 euro

 Shortweek: (Mo.10h-Fr.15h)                               3230 euro 

Shortweek: (6/7-7/8)                                          3230 euro

Schooolweek: (Mo.10h-Fr.15h)                            2700 euro

Weekend: (Fr.20h-So.17h)                                    2400 euro

 Short weekend: (Fr.12h-Sa.18h) or (Sa.12h-So18h)

1920 euro

Eastern: (Fr.10/4 20h-So.13/4 17h)                   2720 euro

 Ascension: (Mi.20/5 20h-24/5 17h)                      4000 euro

Pfingsten: (Fr.29/5 20h-Mo.1/6 17h)                   3200 euro

Frohleichnam: (Mi.10/6 20h-So.14/6 17h)           4200 euro

Tagesfahrt:(So.-Do.)                                           1200 euro

Tagesfahrt:(Fr.-Sa.)                                             1800 euro

Hinzugefügter Tag                                                  800 euro


What is included:

Ship has been cleaned.
incl. two crewmembers.
the costs for Harbour, bridges and Locks.
tourist taxes
VAT 6%
fuel costs for as long as one hour a day, enough to get in and out port.
Allrisk insurance for ship, crew and passengers.
All beds have clean sheets and pillow cases.
The use of a fully equiped kitchen.

Not included:

Insurance against storm
annulerings insurance
towels (for rent at 3,50 Euro a piece, do give advanced notice).
dekbedden ( for rent at 14 Euro a piece, do give advanced notice)
cleaning (do it yourself or pay 84 Euro) cleaning is included on individual trips.
extra fuel costs or delivery costs.

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As far as one trip has been organised so far for individuals:

20 August 12:00 hr. boarding at Enkhuizen (Gependam) untill 26 August 16:00 disembark Enkhuizen.
Costs are 305 Euro + 130 Euro foodexpence. 34 Euro for a guaranteed two person cabin. (I wouldn’t go for this guarantee as the onrust has only two person cabins on individual trips).
Reservation costs 15 Euro per booking, 7,5 Euro if booked by the internet

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