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How to get to the ship.

The Onrust is easy to find, as well as by car as by train.
By car, coming from Amsterdam, you  

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keep direction “Lelystad”. Just before you drive on to the dam, the last trafficlights left, direction “Enkhuizen havens” (ports). From then on straight on untill you see the the big ships lying on your right side. Driving from “Lelystad” it’s the first trafficlights to the right:”Enkhuizen havens”.

You can drive on the Gependam by drawing a ticket at the sharktooth. That gives you a Quarter of an hour to get your stuff onboard before you start paying. For the heavy stuff the skipper has a trolly aboard. MIND, parking on the Gependam longer than 15 minutes is quite expencive, if you leave your car during the weekend you pay 50 Euro!! Also in town it is not allowed to park without licence. Behind the railwaystation it’s free to park. If you prefer garded parking ask the skipper.

By train you see, entering the railwaystation, the ships on your right, about twohundred meters walking.

What to bring along.

Beside a good rain jacket you need a good watertight pair of trousers, spraywater gets on the dek so you can’t even sit without. Even midsummer the wind chills so you need a warm pullover. It means you don’t feel the burning of the sun. Protective oil and aftersun are needed. a pair of soft rubbered shoes or boots for some grip on the heeling wet deck.
On the beds there are clean sheets and pillows cases, you have to bring your own sleeping bag.
For entertainment there is a sterio cd- and casette player with radio in the saloon. Some games are there, but don’t expect them to be compleet unless you come early in the saison. For educational purposes there is a tv and video present, so you don’t have to miss any world champion football. (very educational)

How can we book the Onrust

Send an eMail stating your name, adress and telefoon number with your favourite period(s) to Shortly you’ll get an answer about the possibilities and costs. Remarks about the site you can leave here. (I don’t expect this site to be in foultless english, want to though.)

The chartersailingship Onrust is connected to the booking agency “Travely Days" in Enschede. You can either book the ship through the captain or through the agency.

In either case you will find the same contract and the sam pricing.


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