IJssellake and Waddensea

Homeport of the Onrust is Enhuizen, in earlier days an important V.O.C. trading city (United East India Company), and a homeport for many fisherman from the Zuiderzee. Lying on the west side of what is now called IJsselmeer, it is in the middle of an interesting sailing area.
Within a day sailing you have a variety of possibilities. Medieval pittoresque trading cities lying around, waiting patiently in the evening sun for you to visit them.

The islands of the Waddenzee give a totally different picture. This Europeans biggest nature reserve is waiting to be explored. Sailing in the channels between the sand banks there is action, manouvering on the sails. Depending the tide (height differences of 2,00 to 2,70m), sometimes we leave early, sometimes we go on late. It’s rewarded with the endless space and quietness of the drying up sand banks.

The islands itself invite one to rent a bike to explore the dunes, or to take a long walk.

The red dots are the villages and places to visit with the Onrust.

Anchoring during the night to enjoy the clear sky, drying up on a sand bank, or going out in the disco’s and pubs on the islands, enough possibilities.
Please ask the skipper to advise you on the possibilities of wind and tide.

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