interior plan

Interior plan of the hold of the Onrust

The original hold of the Onrust has been transformed into a comfortable residence for max. 24 people. There are 11 cabins, one 4 persons- and ten 2 person cabins.
Spacious berths (200X70 cm) provide proper night rest. All cabins have a washbowl with cold running water and a couple of shelves to stow away your belongings. Every cabin has a hatch for fresh air, light and safety.

The saloon feels cozy because of the pitch-pine finish. A lot of light enters through the big windows so you don’t have to miss anything while staying inside.


2 persons cabin

The ship has central heating to keep you warm and dry during cold days and evenings. It also provides hot water for kitchen and the two showers. Thermostatic taps provide a nice and constant water temperature here. The two toilets have the comfort of home.

In the separated kitchen, it is no problem at all to cook for the hungry lot. There is a complete kitchen inventory, including a professional stove with big oven, at your disposal.

If you don’t feel like cooking, a cook or even complete catering can be arranged.