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The  “Onrust“ is ready for another hundred years. Her body is built with slim lines because she was originally designed to transport cargo over rivers in an era before there were regular steam tugs pulling rows of ships up the river. Everything had to be done under sail.
Her sharp bow cuts through the water without heavy movements and aft she doesn’t pull any stern waves. So it’ ll be the magnificent sailing qualities that makes your stay onboard memorable.
It is a very impressive feeling how she pulls her 90 tons of weight with high speeds through the water. It makes her travel long distances under favorable winds. If the wind is less strong, the standard rig of 260 m2 can be expanded by means of an extra stay sail, water sail, bigger jibs and topsail up to almost 370 m2!

If there’s no wind at all a 205 hp strong Scania diesel engine will serve it’s purpose.
Her size of: 27,68 x 5,65 x 1,20 m (length, width and draft) makes her not only to be able so sail the Frisian and North Holland lakes, but also to fit into the smaller (more quiet) ports.

It’s our purpose to let you sail the ship. You’ll be rigging, hoisting, adjusting sheets, tacking, jiving, steering, lowering, cooking and cleaning.
That sounds an awful lot, but there are two skilled and experienced crew members to show you and supervise you.
It won’t be the that you’ll be busy all day, there is time enough to take a sun bath or read a book. There are many hands to do the job, but it always will be an active holiday

The Onrust complies to all requirements and demands from Dutch government and Dutch governmental agencies such as de scheepvaartinspectie(S.I.), Arbo, ect